Hello K-Drama lovers

Because this is my first article about my passion for K-Drama, it was a hard task to choose what about to discuss with you.

I have been a K-Drama addicted for two years now. Yes, I know that I am a junior in this field, but I am a passionate one.

My first watched K-Drama has been Scent of a Women with Kim Sun-A and Lee Dong Wook – a drama with an uncertain, happy (???) ending. After that was Master’s Son with Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub – a ghostly love ♥ and after that The Greatest Love with Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won – another extraordinary Cha Seung’s performance.

I really don’t know when I became addicted, but I find myself spending my free time watching a K-Drama after another. Watching all those movies, knowing all about actors and actresses became my passion and my poor mom became my partner in doing that.

I have noticed that the K-Dramas have these stories: impossible love, revenge, crimes, poor people stories, (very) rich people stories, stories of their history (Joseon era), happy or sad stories and stories about developing and amazing transformations.

And what can you say about the length of the series? There are minimum eight episodes and maximum 52-56 episodes (if you don’t count the historical dramas). Sometimes are enough to not became annoying but most of the time you need more episodes to feed your addiction.

The K-Dramas make us angry of that horrible woman (man) that wants something which it isn’t hers (his), make us want to discover the murderer or the perpetrator before the police do, make us want the revenge, and most of all make us dreaming of an endless love.

What can we response to “Why do we love Korean Dramas?” question?

We love Korean dramas because they make us fantasize about Love, Justice and Happiness. Therefore, let’s dream my friends!


P.S. I want to tell you that I am training right now to become a champion of the K-Drama Marathon*.  Who is with me?

* Drama Marathon happens when you have spent hours (20 – 24 – 32) watching K-Dramas without any break.


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