Oh My So Ji Sub

I’m sorry… Have I said So Ji Sub? I’ve meantO Venus.

I don’t know which is THE MOST LOVELY THING between So Ji Sub’s perfect body and Shim Min A’s cute dimples. Well, I suppose that both of them will do. I have to say that So Ji Sub’s perfect body has an advance (a small one♥) from those cute dimples.

Oh my Venus is a dreamy drama. It makes you dream about a perfect world – perfect body (hers), perfect face (hers again) and an ideal lover (So Ji Sub).

With a sweet story and with four young, excellent actors O My Venus has all the ingredients to win the first place in our hearts. How can any other K-Drama compete with two hot players (very useful now that is winter) – So Ji Sub and Sung Hoon, a perfect English speaker – Henry Lau and a sweet lady Shim Min A? It is soo unfair. They won’t have a chance.

I can’t wait to see the next episode (it airs on KBS2 on Mon days and Tuesdays at 21:55 and it has 16 episodes). It is so hard to wait an entire week between two sessions, but it gives us a great start of the week.

The story has three main subjects: he is very wealthy but unhappy and is suffering, she is fat and gets dumped by her 15-year boyfriend (how sad is that?) and the men in black (where is So Ji Sub there are 4-5 men in black who are waiting for him). It sounds familiar?

Birth Of A Beauty had a similar story but without the men in black. I hope that our Drama will have the same happy ending. The bad guy in this story is the same from the Birth Of A Beauty – Jung Gyu Woon. I guess he doesn’t like the girls without a fit body.

I have to say that the cute Henry Lau can compete without any doubt with the sexy So Ji Sub. The way in which he says “Ma’am” is melting your heart. To not mention about all the English words perfectly pronounced. Just perfect!

I love them♥!

The featured image is a screenshot from “Oh My Venus”, directed by Kim Hyung Suk


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