Kill me, Heal me – The Big Winner of MBC Drama Acting Awards

Kill me, Heal me** is The Big Winner of 34th Edition of MBC Drama Acting Awards, 30.12.2015.

Kill me, Heal me won the Drama of the Year Award (올해의 드라마), and Kim Jin Man won The best PD (film director) Award.

For his extraordinary acting, Ji Sung Won the Grand Prize (대상 – “Daesang” – the biggest award) and The Top 10 Stars Award.

Hwang Jung Eum won The Popularity Award, Actress, The Top 10 Stars Award and PD Award: Best Actor/Actress selected by Directors.

The hilarious surprise of the night has been the Best Couple Award. Both the presenter – Jang Na Ra and the “Happy Couple” have started to laugh when the winner has been announced. The Award has been taken by Ji-Sung and Park Seo Joon “Couple” (Ahn Yo Na and Oh Ri On in the Drama).

The pink lipstick and the “Opaaaaaa” with a funny accent made Ahn Yo Na one of the cutest personalities of the drama. The kiss from the alley, between Ahn Yo Na and Oh Ri On, will be remembered as the craziest kiss of all times.

Congratulation for the “Happy Couple”!


**In Kill me, Heal me, Ji Sung is Cha Do Hyun – a businessman with a dissociative identity disorder and six different personalities. These are Shin Se Gin – a violent guy, Perry Park – a man who likes making all kind of bombs, Yo Seob (a 17 year old boy with suicidal behavior) and Yo Na (a 17 year old girl who loves idols and specially Park Seo Joon’s character – Oh Ri On), Nana – a 7 year old girl and Mister X – the father of Nana.

The featured images are a screenshot from “Kill me, Heal me”, directed by Kim Jin Man & Kim Dae Jin


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