New K-Dramas in 2016

2016 K-Dramas list opens with Cheese in The Trap. The K-drama will air for the first time on 4th of January 2016, on Mondays and Tuesdays at 23.00. The main actors are Park Hae Jin (who also played in Est of Eden, My Love from The Star, Doctor Stranger) and Kim Go Eun (known from A Muse and Monster).

The story is about Park Hae Jin’s character who is the perfect guy (maybe too perfect). Kind, handsome and smart, he will be followed by a young girl (Kim Go Eun) who believes that he is too good to be true.

This drama already has lots Chinese and Korean fans who are impatiently waiting to watch it. We too!

On the 11th of January will air Moorim School (replacing Oh My Venus) with some young actors: Lee Hyun Woo, Lee Hong Bin, Seo Ye Ji and Jung Yoo Jin. It will air from 11th of January 2016 on KBS2, every Monday and Tuesday at 21:55.

Moorim School is a school with different principles. It wants to learn kids how to be a better person, to be different. We will see different stories of each character.

Another new K-Drama is Madam Antoine. It will air in February (the exact date is unknown), on Fridays and Saturdays at 20:40. The main actors are Han Ye Seul (The birth of a beauty) and Sung Joon (High Society).

The female character is a fortune teller, a fake one, but a very good character reader. Sung Joon’s character is a psychologist who tries to prove that the true love doesn’t exist. They will meet at a project initiated by Sung Joon’s character.

We will find out if it is a psychological drama (like It’s ok, It’s love with lots of medical terms and cases), a love drama based on their love story or a “psycho-love” drama.

We can easily imagine that they will fall in love with each other and the project will reveal that the real love exists. Surprised?

At the middle of 2016, we will have the pleasure to watch a drama, with Lee Young Ae and Song Seung Heon, named Saimdang, her story. It will be a historical drama and its story happens in Joseon era. Lee Young Ae plays a double role: a painter from Joseon era, named Sin-Saimdang and a woman from our days who is a college lecturer in art history. Song Seung Heon plays an aristocrat, who is a painter too and he has been in love of Lee’s character since they were young. This drama promises to be one of the best historical K-Drama ever.

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The featured image is a screenshot from Cheese in the trap.


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