The eighth Wonder Of The World: So Ji Sub’s smile

This is incredible, isn’t it? So Ji Sub’s smile is like “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” – you know about their existence, but you’ve never seen them.

I have seen him in soo many dramas (Cain and Abel, Phantom, Master’s Sun), but I’ve never seen his bright, charming smile. It makes you laugh with him instantaneous.

Therefore, we know now that he knows how to smile. I know that the smile is something genetic, built-in and seeing So Ji Sub playing, made me think that this person hasn’t been born with it.

He has always chosen to play tough, rigid roles and we never seen him playing such a warm role like the one from Oh My Venus (maybe he approach it a little bit in Master’s Sun).


The smile changes his features entirely.I have seen in Oh my Venus that he is changing his mood very easily, which it proves that he is an extraordinary actor.

I wish him to play in lots of Love K-dramas –  we need more “Wonders” in our life.


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