Korean Food in K-Dramas

Food has an important place in our life. Food intertwines with a happy event, a sad one, a beginning or an ending of a love story.
There are some scenes, which we frequently see in K-dramas: a big happy family around the table, a young couple in a restaurant or friends eating fried chicken and drinking beer.

Now imagine, for a moment, that you are a Korean person.
When you are unhappy or stressed about work, what do you need? You certainly need a bottle of soju. And what it is good with soju? It would be nice to have some fried chicken or pork meet with the unrivaled kimchi (cabbage or radish fermented salad). I’ve read somewhere that kimchi is the healthiest food in the world.

Therefore, when you are young, not so talented in making traditional food, and you have some girlfriends invited overnight, you can order some fried chicken, chicken feet, kimchi, beer and soju.
Foto credit https://pixabay.com

You can go to town with your colleagues, eat fatty pork meat grilled, with green, fresh salad and drink the sweet, strong soju, at nights. If you go on day time, you can eat some hot ramen with kimchi.
Foto credit https://pixabay.com

Egg rolls, boiled sweet potatoes with kimchi or bibimbap are dishes which warm your heart when you are with your family.
egg roles
Foto credit via https://pixabay.com
Foto credit https://pixabay.com

If you crave for something unhealthy, you can eat some spicy rice cakes (떡볶이 – Tteokbokki), fish cakes (Odeng) or dumplings (Mandu). These are delicious served with some kimchi and accompanied by some rice wine or soju (one or two bottles depend on the outside temperature or the level of your stress). You will find this kind of food at the street merchants.

Foto credit https://pixabay.com


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