Why do we need a piece of Cheese in a Trap?

What do we do if we want to catch a small, cute mouse – Kim Go Eun? We put a tasty piece of cheese – a love proposal, in a trap. After that, all we have to do is to wait.

In the “Cheese in the Trap” K-drama, we meet a handsome, mysterious character named Yoo Jung (extraordinary played by Park Hae Jin) and a sensible female student named Hong Seol (played by Kim Go Eun). We have the same story: he is a rich guy, and she is a poor girl, struggling to make a living.

These two characters are starting a complicated relationship. Yoo Jung is a strange, intelligent guy.He has an enigmatic past and some problems with his childhood friends. Hong Seol seems to be frightened whenever sees Yoo Jung. And this is the story until now.

Park Hae Jin became more experienced than before, and we can see this in his acting. His eyes are very expressive, and he changes his mood very quickly (sometimes, he is scary).
Just look at these pictures and you will understand what I mean.


I don’t think that the Park Hae Jin’s character is the villain in this story, but who knows? And I know, for sure, that their love will be a great one. I am such a romantic girl, don’t I?

Even if the ratings are very low, so far, I hope that the team will succeed to resurrect the public interest. Fighting!

The featured images are from “Cheese in a Trap” drama, directed by Lee Yoon Jung.


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