Nicknames in K-dramas

When we were young, we had the habit of putting nicknames to all our friends. Some of them were funny, some weren’t, depending on our imagination. In K-dramas, the scenarists have brilliant ideas regarding these nicknames.

In “Fated to love you“, for example, Jang Hyuk’s character calls Jang Na Ra’s character “Snail”. Seeing Jang Na Ra’ face, with those glasses, it looks like a small, cute snail. It is impossible not to love her.

Photos from “Fated to love you” Korean drama &

In “She was pretty“, the makeup artists and stylists transformed Hwang Jung Eum in the Michael Jackson’s doppelganger. A perfect one! I wonder if they came with the nickname after or before they have seen the transformation. Hwang Jung Eum‘s nickname is “Jackson“.

Photos from “She was pretty” Korean drama &

In “Oh my Venus” we meet, like the title itself sais, the beautiful ”Venus” – an outstanding beauty. Because she leaves in Daegu and has a perfect look, everybody calls her “Daegu’s Venus”. The director made the right choice for the leading actress – Shim Min A.


Photos from “Oh my Venus” Korean drama &

In “The Village: Achiara’s secret” we meet a strange character nicknamed “The Young Lady“. He is a man who likes wearing ladies clothes and has some strange habits. Village people are justly afraid of him and keep the distance.


Photos from “The Village: Achiara’s secret” Korean drama &

The last on our list is Kim Go Eun’s character in “Cheese in the Trap”. Her nickname is “Dog fur”. Kim Go Eun’s hair is fiery red and curly. Sometimes, she tries to arrange that rebel hair but without any success. Maybe the director will change her style until the end.

Photos from “Cheese in the Trap” Korean drama &


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