Rain, time traveling and maths – Splash Splash Love

Splash Splash Love” is a story about rain, time traveling, love, and maths. The K-drama was too short – only two episodes. It looked more like a movie split in two than a drama. I wanted to see more and had the hope that these were the pilot episodes, and they will give us more but, they didn’t (really disappointing). Such a beautiful, clear story, with two young, charismatic actors couldn’t be air without making a great impression.

There are some funny and cute scenes like: taking photos with the smartphone from the future (even if the scene was happening in Joseon era), throwing with the “Samgak gimbap” (삼각김밥) thinking that is a bomb or fighting with a cutter instead of a sword. Do not forget the queen who eats, stealthily, all the food that she can find.

The chemistry between the two leading actors Kim Seul Gi (from “Oh my Ghost”) and Yoon Doo Joon (from “Let’s eat” and “Let’s eat 2”) has been incredible. My opinion is that Yoon Doo Joon has been more implicated than Kim Seul Gi, and that is why he has, from now, an extra fan.

The scene filmed by the ocean, when she was preparing to go in the present time, is very sensual.


Do you think that they will film new episodes if we write a petition?

Photo from “Splash Splash Love”, written and directed by Kim Ji Hyun.


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