Hwang Jung Eum – The actress of the month

In my opinion, Hwang Jung Eum doesn’t need any presentation. She is the sweet, lovely lady who played in “Secret Love”, “Kill me, Heal me”, “She Was Pretty” and many others. With a unique beauty and a significant talent, she succeeded to have a lot of admirers and fans.

She made his acting debut, in 2007, with “The person I love”. After this K-drama, she joined in the second season of “We Got Married” sitcom, with her real-life partner Kim Young Jun.


Photo “Kill me, Heal me” directed by Kim Jin Man & Kim Dae Jin

She played with Ji Sung in “Secret love” and “Kill me, Heal me”. They made an attractive couple in each movie and showed us their great chemistry. In “She was pretty”, her character – “Jackson”, made a couple (the Onion Couple) with Park Seo Joon. He has been her “brother” in “Kill me, Heal me”, therefore, the two actors knew each other very well.

Regarding her personal life, Hwang Jung Eum ended, last year, a long relationship (9 years) with Kim Young Jun. This year in January she made an announcement regarding her relation with the pro golfer Lee Young Don. The actress announced her planned marriage to Lee Young Don in February this year.

We wish her “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations on her wedding day”.

Featured Image  “MBC Drama Acting Award 2015”


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