We all deserve “One more happy ending”

Telling the story of four young ladies and their unfulfilled lives, the K-drama seems to be a delicious tragedy-comedy series. Full of funny scenes from the beginning, it makes you laugh with all you heart.
The drama depicts all the real life situations: a divorcee who wants to get married again (character played by Jang Na Ra), a single woman who needs a fiancee (character played by Yoo In Na), a married woman who is about to divorce (character played by Yoo Da In) and a woman who is about to marry Mister Perfect but changes her mind (character played by Seo In Young).
There is an evil feminine character too. Played very convincing by Sandara Park, Goo Seul Ah makes, all the time, the life difficult for Han Mi Mo – the character played by the gorgeous Jang Na Ra.


Photos “One more happy ending” directed by Kwon Sung Chan

The leading actor Jung Kyung Ho is playing a journalist role. One night he gets drunk and the next morning…
The story seems to be similar to the one from “Fated to love you” in which the main characters are forced, even if they are not in love, to leave together after a “special” night.


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