Is Jang Keun Suk considering playing in a historical K-drama?

2016 came with some good news for the K-drama fans. First Lee Min Ho and now Jang Keun Suk is being courted for the leading male role in a new K-drama.
The drama named “Jackpot” depicts a different kind of battle for the throne of the Joseon. Baek Dae-Gil (the part offered to Jang Keun Suk) is a prince, by bloodline, who tries with all his power to became the King. But, there is a problem because King Yeongjo, doesn’t want to give up on his place so easily. Why would the King do that?

Baek Dae-Gil is a talented card player (“tujeon” is the name of the game) and challenges him to play a card game.
The result of the game is significant for each of them. The King could lose his throne and Baek Dae-Gil his life.


Photos “Pretty Man” directed by Lee Jae-Sang; “Orange Marmelade” directed by Lee Hyung Min

As the young version of Baek Dae-Gil, we may see the actor from Orange Marmalade – Yeo Jin Goo. The leading female role has been offered to Lim Ji Yeon (“High Society”). Her character, Dam Seo, is a lady who lives only to take revenge on the royal family.

Jang Keun Suk hasn’t played in a K-drama since 2013, his last drama was “Pretty Man”. I miss Jang Keun Suk, especially his warm and cozy voice. A special present for us, his fans, would be to accept the role and to sing the drama soundtrack. The soundtracks from “Love Rain” and “Marry Stayed Out All Night” are my favourite.


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