Sexy spies, betrayal, and revenge in “Neighbourhood Hero”

If you like the stories with spies, you will have a great experience by seeing the “Neighborhood Hero.” Scary characters depict the dark hidden world of espionage.

The story begins with a betrayal followed by an assassination. Even if the spies know that each day can be the last one, when a young colleague dies is hard to overlook. The main character played by Park Si Hoo is an ex-agent who has a trauma do to having seen his partner being assassinated. He wants to take revenge on the person that destroyed his team and his life. He has a lot of money and wants a perfect cover for his clandestine activities, therefore, will choose to bay a bar. Coincidentally or not, this bar is a meeting place for spies.

Because we cannot operate alone, he will build a team to help him in his actions.

Three years have passed since Park Si Hoo last drama “Cheongdam-dong Alice” and I can say that we missed him. In the “Neighborhood Hero” first episode, we had the chance to see his perfect body and my opinion is that he is sexier than James Bond.


Photos “Neighbourhood Hero” directed by Kwak Jung-Hwan

One of his helpers is a character played by Lee Soo-Hyuk, who looks great by the way. He changed his look in an impressive way, and I must say that I like his new style (maybe because this is his first positive role after many negative ones). I am very curious if this kind of role will suit him the same as the “bad boy” ones.


Therefore, I can’t wait to see sexy spies, betrayal, and revenge in “Neighborhood Hero.”


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