Lee Joon Gi is The Prince Charming in “Moon Lovers”

After he enchanted us in “Arang and the Magistrate”, “Two weeks”, “Joseon Gunman” or  “Scholar who walks the night,” now he will conquer the entire world with his played part in  “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. ” Lee Joon Gi will be Umbrella Corporation’s Commander Lee. The director of the movie recognized his exceptional talent and chose him to play in his film.

Millovici complimented him on his martial art skills and posted a picture with her and Lee Joon Gi on her Instagram.


Even if the movie is going to be air in January 2017, his fans will have the chance to see him, in September 2016, in another historical fantasy K-drama named “Moon Lovers.”

In “Moon Lovers” Lee Joon Gi will play a prince from Goryeo Dynasty together with IU – a modern woman who travels in time. The “Moon Lovers” drama has an exceptional cast:  Kang Ha Neul, Baekhyun (EXO), Hong Jong Hyun, Ji Soo, Nam Joo Hyuk and many others. Aired on SBS, with approx 35 episodes, the new drama will make us dream of Prince Charming and will show us the terrible life from the King’s court.

Lee Joon Gi’s career really began, in 2005, with the “The King and the clown” movie, a movie which didn’t seem to be an exceptional one at the beginning. With his acting, Lee Joon Gi succeeded to became one of the most desired actors in K-drama industry. Because the role was an effeminate one, the K-drama actor tried to escape from the “pretty boy” labeling, taking only masculine roles after that. Since then his reputation has grown continuously.

lee joon gi2


I watch him in every K-drama in which he played. His evolution is fantastic. His last role played in ”Scholar who walks the night,” is perfect. The way he moves his eyes when transforms himself into a vampire and change his features is very impressive. He became an actor who can play any role, who can express all kind of feelings with his body and his face, and he can make you experience various emotions. I can’t wait to see his next role.

Photos Lee Joon Gi’s Instagram


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