Would you be my Valentine?

If you have to choose between three handsome guys, who will be the chosen one? The mysterious man, the sportsman or the genius? This is life – sometimes we can have so many options and sometimes we are alone for a long period of time. It isn’t a problem to be alone but, it is a significant problem when there are a lot of opportunities.

madamea copy.jpg

There will be sleepless nights with millions of thoughts and comparisons. Who is the most suitable for me? Is he the perfect man for me? Will he understand and love me?

In “Madame Antoine” this love quadruple isn’t something natural, it is worse – an experiment. An experiment which plays with human feelings. Imagine that you have to choose between Sung Joon, Jeong Jinwoon and Lee Joo Hyung. You need to be loved and you have three men who “want” to be with you. It is a very hard decision. What Han Ye Seul will do?

She is an elegant lady, in her middle thirties and is a subject, without knowing, in a love experiment. Will she prefer red roses and mysterious dates or relaxed and joyful ones? Will she prefer a sympathetic or a cold person? Will she prefer warm words and powerful hugs or rejections and controversial discussions?

madameaa copy

Who will be the one that will be asked: “Would you be my Valentine?”

Photos “Madame Antoine”  directed by Kim Yun-cheol & http://www.pixabay.com


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