A unique love story during wartime

I was waiting to see the new drama “The Descendants of the Sun,” not because I like war dramas but because I wanted to see the chemistry between the two gorgeous main actors. Even if the story is strong, with a lot of military equipment and hot bodies I can’t take my eyes off their beautiful faces.

I love the way Song Joong Ki looks at Song Hye Kyo; I like his softness and gentleness, and even that he plays the role of a tough soldier he lets us feel his desire for love. I must confess that I am a big fan of this couple, and I hope that they will win everybody’s heart.

Song Joong Kif.jpg

Song Joong Ki is a talented young actor who has proved his talent from the beginning of his career. The way he smiles, his deep dark eyes which can tell lots of sad or intrigue stories it fascinates me. He is a skilled actor, and this role fits him like a glove. Song Joong Ki is so natural in his acting that makes you want to be there, to feel that love emotion.

Song Hye Kyo is a stunning lady with a perfect face. I’ve first ‘meet’ her in ‘Autumn in my heart”. In this K-drama made another perfect couple with Song Seung Heon. At that time, I was very impressed with her beauty. She succeeded to impress me again with the young and fresh face, big eyes and an intense personality.

Song Hye Kyo2

The beginning of the Spring brings us cool K-dramas with excellent casts, not to mention good looking actors, therefore, K-drama lovers “Enjoy!”.

Photos: “The descendants of the Sun” directed by Lee Eung Bok & Baek Sang Hoon


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