Ten new K-dramas in March

Hello, K-drama lovers. We have a busy month as you will see in the following lines. March will be full of romantic, crime, vampire, police, comedy and historical new dramas. All the Korean channels have prepared for us lots of K-dramas to make us cry, smile, love, hate or fear. I’ve verified some sources as you will see at the bottom of this article. Some of the information (like the number of episodes or dates) may suffer updates.

The month will start with three new series on 5th of MarchMy little baby, Marriage contract and Mrs. Cop (Season 2). My little baby is about a police officer (the character is played by Oh Ji Ho) who one day finds out that he has to raise his niece. His first love (Lee Soo Kyung) has to raise her son alone too. The K-drama will air on MBC, Saturdays at 00:30. In the Marriage contract, we will watch a woman’s sad life story. UEE plays a mother who is raising her child alone and one day she finds out that she has a brain tumor. Because she wants her daughter to have a comfortable life she signs a contract marriage with a wealthy man. The K-drama will air on MBC, Saturdays & Sundays at 21:45. Mrs. Cop (Season 2) will broadcast on SBS, Saturday & Sunday at 22:00. The beautiful Kim Sung Ryoung becomes the new leader of the detective squad.

On 7th of March, Pied Piper will be broadcasted in the Cheese in the Trap place, every Monday & Tuesday at 23:00.The series depicts the struggle of a negotiation team who tries to save lives without using violence.

Goodbye, Mr. Black is a drama aired on MBC starting with 16th of March, every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55. Preceded by ‘One more happy ending’ this drama is about a betrayal story and revenge. The leading actors are Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won.

On 18th of March tvN and JTBC will air Memory and Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi. Following the Signal and Madame Antoine, each drama has an interesting plot. Memory is a sad story of a lawyer (Lee Sung Min) who finds out that has Alzheimer and wants to finish his last cases.

Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi depicts the story of a young lady (the character is played by Lee Yo Won) who is the youngest team leader in the cosmetics industry. She is an agitated person and a divorcee. Both dramas will air every Friday & Saturday, at 20:30.

mr temper & nam jung gi kdrama

photo Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi, directed by Lee Hyeong Min

Vampire Detective brings the vampires and action in the foreground, on 27th of March, on OCN, every Sunday, at 23:00. Vampire Detective will replace The Neighbourhood Hero. Lee Joon plays a private detective who becomes a vampire. Together with Oh Jung Se will try to uncover his secret life and to resolve new cases.


photos Vampire detective, directed by Kim Ga Ram

And if you think that we don’t have enough dramas… on 28th of March will begin two new K-dramas: My lawyer, Mr. Jo, on KBS2 and Jackpot (Daebak), on SBS, the historical drama in which we will have the chance to see Jang Keun-Suk playing Dae-Gil character. My lawyer, Mr. Jo is a drama about the corruption of the legal system. Jo Deul Ho (Park Shin Yang) is a prosecutor who believes that has the power to change the system but, he will realise soon that is not that easy.

Most of these dramas are in the usual format – 16 episodes. I will get back with updates and reviews. We will definitely have a busy month! Enjoy!


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