Ladies open your umbrellas, Rain is coming

With a well-proportioned face and body, big honey eyes and a perfect smile – this is the Rain that I want to see every day. I love his angry, vengeful face when somebody upsets his family and his adorable, handsome face when is relaxed or randy. He is perfect.

“Please come back, Mister” is a unique drama with a crying-laughing story. It is a K-drama which made me cry and laugh, in a five-minute interval, like a crazy person.


Photos “Please come back, Mister” directed by Shin Yoon Sub

In this drama we have two death persons played by Kim In Kwon and Kim Soo Ro, both with sad life stories and wrongful deaths. On the other hand, we have two sexy characters played by  Rain and Oh Yeon Seo that have to resolve their possessive spirits’ problems without telling the true about their identity.

Hilarious scene (like the one from the elevator when Rain is touching his sexy ‘back’) and ‘forbidden’ kisses between Rain and Oh Yeon Seo (or should I say Kim In Kwon and Kim Soo Ro) can make your day perfect. Of course that we have betrayals, revenge, and rich people who play with others life.

And if you didn’t know in Heaven exists a miraculous computer which can project fantastic bodies. Hmmm.. I want one like that too. I like the way in which this drama depicts the real life and the hope and power that exist in each of us.


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