Marriage contract – a life lesson

How many times we had to fight for our life? How many times we had such a bad day that made us run away from everything?

“Marriage contract” depicts a woman’s sad life story who struggles to raise her little daughter. Imagine what you would do if your late husband left you with an enormous debt, big ugly loan sharks are watching every step you make, and as if this is not enough you find out that you have a brain tumor and small chances to survive.

The character Kang Hye Soo is played by Uee. We have seen her in “High Society” and I can say that she didn’t impress me with her acting in that drama maybe because of the script which wasn’t so great. In “Marriage contract” her acting is visibly improved, and she is expressing very well her inner feelings. I am sure that she can do better in her future projects.


The main male character is played by the handsome Lee Seo Jin. We’ve seen him in his last K-drama “Wonderful Days” playing with Kim Hee Sun (she has been Lee Min Ho’s partner in “Faith”). Lee Seo Jin in well known for his roles in historical dramas “Damo” and “Yi San.” An excellent acting and sexy dimples are his essential qualities.


The supporting characters in this K-drama are played by Kim Yong Gun, Lee Hwi Hyang, Kim Kwang Kyu and Kim Yoo Ri.

“Marriage contract” is an excellent drama with a heartbreaking story which I hope it will have a happy ending. Enjoy!

Photos “Marriage contract”, directed by Kim Jin Min


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