Hwang Jung Eum & Ryu Joon Yul are a couple in “Lucky Romance”

Hwang Jung Eum confirmed her participation in a new MBC K-drama, based on a webtoon, named “Lucky Romance.” This announcement came few weeks after her wedding. She chose to work instead of taking a period off and I admire her for that. According to Sim Entertainment, the actress will play a character named Shim Bo Nui, who is a superstitious girl that tries all the time to improve her fortune. Going to a fortune teller, she finds out that will die if doesn’t sleep with a virgin guy born in 1986.

And here appears Ryu Joon Yul as her landlord, an intelligent man that believes only in science. He is an engineer and is opposite to Shim Bo Nui. He doesn’t believe in dating and it just happens to be a virgin born in 1986. He wants to kick Bo Nui out because she is behind with the rent and with this occasion the girl finds out that he could be the guy who can save her from her twisted destiny. She will try to make him fall in love with her.

Ryu Joon Yul was on the TV screen, for the first time, last year in “Answer Me 1988.” His acting melted the audience heart and this year he hit the jackpot – his first male leading role. I am sure that this drama will be one of the best K-drama of 2016.

The K-drama is scheduled to air every Wednesday and Thursday, taking “Goodbye Mr. Black” place.

Photos: Ryu Joon Yul’s Instagram & “MBC Drama Acting Award 2015”

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