Show your temper! Be Ms. Temper!

In “Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi” we have a crazy but reliable woman, a guy who didn’t surpass puberty and his family, a director who plays dirty and a small company trying to live in the large enterprises’ world.

All the fun and action are brought by Nam Jung Gi (Yoon Sang Hyun) who is a sensible man, with a lot of common sense and who uses to often the “Sorry” word. He seems a sweet guy but because of his sensibility, all his colleagues take advantage of him. At home, he has to take care of his son and his brother who doesn’t want to work and stays all day long doing nothing.


Yoon Sang Hyun made his acting debut when was 32 years, in 2005. His first leading role has been in “My Fair Lady,” in which he was a wealthy woman’s butler. In 2013, he played in “I can hear your voice” with Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk.

On top of this, Nam Jung Gi meets Ok Da Jung – Ms. Temper (Lee Yo Won), a temperamental woman who is a divorcee. Causing all kind of problems Jung Gi succeeds to attract Da Jung attention and her desire to show him the right way to be. Together will make a great team and the small company will become known for its excellent products.

Lee Yo Won appeared after a three years absence period, in which she gave birth to two babies. K-dramas in which she played are “Queen Seondeok,” “49 days,” “Horse Doctor” and “Empire of Gold.”

“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi” has a sweet story and it is a soft comedy drama which will make you smile on the cloudy days.

Photos “Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi,” directed by Lee Hyeong Min


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