Daebak! Jang Geun Suk is impressive in the historical drama“Jackpot”

Each country has its story, but the Korean people know so well to tell us about theirs. I love Korean historical dramas and the way in which they depict the history of Korea. Kings, warriors, court ladies and courtesans are commonly found characters in any historical drama. The beauty and the ugliness of human soul are the ones who are responsible for the amazing love or revenge stories.

Jackpot has such a unique story – the fight for the Joseon throne with the gambling help. “Gambling is a game of luck and momentum.” is a saying of Jang Geun Suk’s character. But at that moment, he didn’t know that gambling is a distorted reality, a reality realized through dirty tricks. His little brother has to pretend that is a gambler and a drinker to stay alive, and himself has to live in another family to avoid being found. The title “Best Gambler” will be decisive in the battle for the higher position in the Joseon Empire.

I love the entire plot of this drama. The young generation is represented by Jang Geun Suk (the second King’s son), Yeo Jin Goo (the third King’s son), Lim Ji Yeon (Jang Geun Suk’s character “wife”). These actors are firmly sustained by the mature generation represented by Jun Kwang Ryul (the man who wants the throne), Choi Min Soo (The King), Yoon Jin Seo (King’s concubine).


Jang Geun Suk is just perfect. He has all the qualities of a great actor and I didn’t know that he is such a great comedian. I have missed him in the past two years and I have hoped to see him in a new drama. My dream became reality at the beginning of this year when I found out that he will play in the historical drama “Jackpot.” Baek Dae Gil will be another character thoroughly played by him.

Photos “Jackpot,” directed by Nam Geon


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