Pied Piper – a drama about social and personal problems

We can say that “Pied Piper” is a psychological drama which depicts both social and personal problems in a society dominated by injustice and political power. It is a profound drama in which we find good and evil, and it follows the story of a book named “Pied Piper.” “Pied Piper” is a German story about a piper hired to chase away all the rats from a small city called Hamelin. When the citizen of the town refuse to pay for his services the man uses his technique on the people’s children, leading them away.

The story of this series follows a police crisis negotiation team seeking to solve tough cases and a mysterious personage who tries to ruin their efforts and to provoke disasters. The team’s members don’t use force but diplomacy and basics elements of psychology. They are dealing with attempted suicides, hostage and terror situations. For those cases to be successful closed, they will have to be a strong team.


At the beginning of the drama, the team is not a powerful team but with the time, they will learn to rely on each other and listen to their instincts. The central figure is Joo Sung Chan (played by Shin Ha Kyun), who is a professional and a thorough character. He makes a mistake in a negotiation mission and loses hostages. Sung Chan disappears for a period but comes back to help the negotiation team. He will help Yeo Myung Ha (the character played by Jo Yoon Hee) to develop her negotiation skills and to be a perfect negotiator.

It is a K-drama for the people who like dreaming at a perfect and indestructible society. You can watch it on tvN Mondays & Tuesdays, at 23.00. Enjoy!

Photos “Pied Piper” directed by Kim Hong Sun


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