The ending of “Descendants of the Sun”

This drama was for me like a fairytale for a child – the same emotion, the same magic and the same admiration were awakened in me. Two months in which the most important days for me were the days in which the “Descendants of the Sun” was aired. I have been bewitched by the beauty of Song&Song couple and its love story.

In my opinion “Descendants of the Sun” was a great drama because it had all the elements – good story, outstanding landscapes (the K-drama was filmed in Korea and Greece), beautiful actresses and handsome actors.


The last four episodes had all the elements of an extraordinary drama –  great suspense scenes, emotions, and lifelike décors. The actors’ dedication made all the combat scenes very realistic. I have to say that I’ve loved those English sarcastic replies between Song Joong Ki and the American actor David Lee McInnis. The entire team did a great job judging the public reaction.


And the Ending remark sounded like this “We overcome all of the life’s difficulties with Love, and everyone lived happily ever after.” But, like in life, after this sweet remark all the lights turned off and an alarm sounded. “A volcano erupted!” And… the show must go on. THE END.

Photos “The Descendants of the Sun” directed by Lee Eung Bok & Baek Sang Hoon


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