The ending of “Please come back, Mister”

The message of the “Please come back, Mister” K-drama was straightforward and clear, and it makes you think of the value of the life. It is not worth it to spend your precious time projecting all kind of fantasies realities and desiring things which are not important. The most important thing is your family and the time spent with the people that you love. Like I say in my previous article this K-drama made me cry and laugh, in a five-minute interval, like a crazy person.

I liked the message in it and the way in which this drama depicted the real life and the hope and power that exist in each of us. Hilarious scenes combined with the touching ones were the substance of this great series. The cast was extraordinarily talented and succeeded to reproduce the most profound feelings – love and heart broken. One of the most important messages transmitted at the end of “Please come back, Mister” was that somewhere in this world exists your soul mate waiting for you to open your eyes and heart for him/her and who knows maybe you met him/her already.


The last episode ended with a quote from “Knulp” by Hermann Hesse – “It was beautiful. Happiness and sadness were all beautiful.” It is a simple definition written in simple words, which depict each one’s life… THE END.

Photos “Please come back, Mister” directed by Shin Yoon Sub


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