The ending of “Marriage Contract”

As I said in my first article about this K-drama – “Marriage contract” is a life lesson and it show us that Life is nothing without Love and Hope. I don’t like the sad movies because am a person who loves everything that is pure and beautiful. I am a big fan of comedy, historical and crime drama. I watched this K-drama because I admire strong people, people that don’t give up until their last minute and because I am a fan of Lee Seo Jin.

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A profound drama full of frustration, helplessness and sometimes a little bit of hope, an actress that proved she can do better with every part she plays – UEE, a very talented actor -Lee Seo Jin, a great story and a talented cast – those were the five stars of this series. I loved the end – their happiness and the fact that I didn’t see her die.

The final remark, which is the essence of this drama, sounded like this “When somebody asks me ‘Which was the best moment in my life?’ I always answer ‘Right now, here, this moment.’”… THE END


Photos “Contract Marriage” directed by  Kim Jin Min


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