Park Hae Jin – the actor of the month

Do you remember a handsome, mysterious character named Yoo Jung? He was extraordinary played by Park Hae Jin in “Cheese in the Trap.” The actor is known by K-drama lovers from “East of Eden,” “My love from the star” and “Doctor Stranger.”


As I said in my article about “Cheese in the Trap” Park Hae Jin became more experienced than before, and we can see this in his acting – he has such a unique charisma, and his eyes hypnotise you without realising. Hae Jin changes his mood very quickly and seems to be capable of embodying more than one person at the same time.

In his last drama, Park Hae Jin played the mysterious rich guy, who knows how to manipulate people through their secrets and succeeded to create a controversial character. Having 186 cm, 72 kg and deep dark “evil” eyes, the actor extraordinarily played the twisted Yoo Jung. I had goose bumps each time when he had that frightening glance.


His next drama project after the premiere in March of Chinese drama “Far Away Love” is the K-drama aired on JTBC “Man to Man.” The release date of “Man to man” will be in 2017.Hae Jin plays a bodyguard who tries to protect a famous actor/actress.

Because today is his birthday, I wish him Happy Birthday and a great career as an actor.

Photos “Cheese in the Trap” directed by Lee Yoon Jung


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