“Entertainer” – a drama with a heart melting beginning

We all know that Ji Sung doesn’t need any presentation. I’ve first meet him in “Protect the Boss” and Ji Sung has gained my sympathy with his bright face, dominated by big dark eyes. His features denote an extreme sensibility and his play is so realistic and passionate. In this series, he has to experience a life lesson to realise his purpose. From a scam artist to a great manager it is a long tricky journey.


And because sometimes you can find help where do you aspect less, the destiny provides him four new friends who will help him to find the real self. A smart, beautiful team with a pure young heart will show him the secret of happiness – love, dedication, and passion.

Full of new young faces the “Entertainer” is destined to become one of the best 2016’s K-drama. Hyeri, Kang Min-Hyuk, Chae Jung-An, Gong Myung, Lee Tae-Sun and L.Joe are the members of the great cast. What can I say I love this drama and its story, and I can’t wait to see the next episode.


Photos “Entertainer” directed by Hong Sung Chang


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