“Another Miss Oh” a K-drama about sounds, love, and Deja-Vue


I was annoyed because excepting the “Entertainer,” I couldn’t find another drama to make me laugh or to make me want more than two episodes a week. I find a K-drama which didn’t tell me nothing at first, but after a half an hour I was in love with it. “Another Miss Oh” is a drama about sounds and deceptions. You can say that those two things have nothing in common, but they do have – human’s feelings and perceptions about life.


The drama has an intriguing story: two people abandoned before their wedding meet and fall in love. Park Do-Kyung (the character played by Eric) is a Sound Director, and Oh Hae-Young (the character played by Seo Hyun-Jin) works for a food company and has the same name as the girl who left Do-Kyung at the altar. Do-Kyung begins to have strange visions about a girl who he’s never met. The girl from his visions is the “new” Oh Hae-Young.

One of the best remarks of the series (regarding a morning scene) was “Were is the sound of the Sun?” Indeed… how can we represent the sound of the Sun? What do we hear first in the morning? The noise made by the children that are going to school, the sound of cars trapped in an endless queue or the chirrup of the birds… all of these represent the beginning of the day – the sunrise. What can I say? Very impressive.

The amusing characters are played by Ye Ji-Won (as Park Soo-Kyung, Park Do-Kyung’s sister), Heo Jeong-Min (as Park Hoon, Park Do-Kyung’s brother), Kim Mi-Kyung (as Hwang Duk-Yi, Oh Hae-Young’s mother) and Kim Ji-Suk (as Lee Jin-Sang, Park Do-Kyung’s best friend). These actors play crazy personages who make you laugh with their mimics and remarks.


“Another Miss Oh” is aired on tvN, each Monday & Tuesday, at 11:00 pm.Until now the K-drama is exceptional and I cannot wait to see the next episodes.

Photos and video “Another Miss Oh” directed by Song Hyun Wook.





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