Do you remember “Hyde, Jekyll and I”?

“Hyde, Jekyll and I” is a K-drama aired on SBS at the beginning of 2015. The series depicts the Gu Seo Jin’s story. Gu Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) is a chaebol son who is in charge of the biggest theme park in Korea – Wonder Land. Due to a traumatic incident which took place in his childhood (he has been kidnapped), Gu Seo Jin developed a dissociative identity disorder and invented a new personality – Robin. Robin is kind, helps everybody and is opposite to Gu Seo Jin’s character.


Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min) saved Seo Jin’s life when they were children and now is the trigger for Robin apparition. Her heart feels sorry for Seo Jin and loves Robin. The only problem is that Robin is the Seo Jin’s subconscious invention and “he” will disappear one day.

Hypnotherapist Yoon Tae Joo (Sung Joon) is an evil character. He is Seo Jin friend and has been kidnapped with him. He tries to take revenge on Seo Jin and becomes a dangerous personage because of his desire for revenge.

Hyun Bin has “again” a profound role in this series and he has to change his mood very often; his play is impeccable which proof us again that he is an extraordinary actor and deserves our love. If you haven’t seen “Hyde, Jekyll and I” yet I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

Photos “Hyde, Jekyll and I” directed by Jo Young Kwang


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