7 New K-dramas in June

Now when the Sun is up all day long, all the K-drama lovers will struggle between going outside and take a sunbath or stay in front of the TV and go in the K-dramas World. Hmm, who do you think, will win?

In June, the Korean producers prepared for us a crime drama, two medical one, a K-drama about revenge and four which depict the real life with good and wrong in it.

“Baek Hee has returned” is a short series with only four episodes which it will first air on 6th of June on KBS, Monday & Tuesday 10:00 pm. The story is about Yang Baek-Hee (Gang Ye-Won) who returns to the island Sumwol after 18 years of absence. She has changed her identity for some personal reasons. Other members of the cast are Kim Sung Oh as Woo Bum Ryong, Choi Phillip as Ki Joon, Jin Ji Hee as Shin Ok Hee.

On 13th of June, on SBS, it will start “You are a gift,” a series with approx. 120 episodes, from Monday to Friday 07:20 pm. Kong Hyun Soo (Heo Yi Jae) is a costume designer who tries her best to succeed in the fashion world. Some other member of the cast Shim Ji Ho as Han Yoon Ho, Jin Ye Sol as Kang Se Ra, Cha Do Jin as Ma Doo Jin

“Police Unit 38” will air starting 17th of June, on OCN, 16 episodes, Saturdays & Sundays 11:00 pm. “Police Unit 38” is a police drama which has as a subject a special task force who use a particular technique to catch the bad guys. They employ people with a criminal record who will try to catch tax evaders using their skills. We will see playing Ma Dong Suk as Baek Sung Il, ♥Seo In Gook♥ as Yang Jung Do, Choi Soo Young as Chun Sung Hee. The actors from Unit 38 are Song Ok Sook as Noh Bang Shil, Heo Jae Ho as Jang Hak Joo, Go Kyu Pil as Jung Ji Wang, Lee Sun Bin as Jo Mi Joo.

Squad 382Squad 383

On 20th of June, on KBS, will have the pleasure to see Jang Hyuk playing in a new medical K-drama named “Beautiful Mind,” 16 episodes, Monday & Tuesday 10:00 pm. Lee Young-Oh (Jang Hyuk) is an excellent surgeon who becomes a new assistant professor at the hospital. He has a nasty character but will fall in love, and he will change entirely. The female lead (Park So Dam) is a detective in the violent crimes division.


On the same date 20th of June, on SBS, will air a new medical drama “Doctors”, 20 episodes, Monday & Tuesday 10:00 pm. It is a complex drama about human social prejudice and bad comportment. A drama about the realism in the relationship between doctors and patients and the social discrimination of educational background. Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) had many scars from her childhood because she was bullied in school. Now she has a strong self-preservation personality and doesn’t trust anybody. She will have the chance to meet Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) who will help her to become an excellent doctor.

On 22nd of June SBS will bring us the K-drama “Wanted,” 16 episodes, which will air Wednesday & Thursday 10:00 pm.This drama is about a top actress Jung Hye In (Kim Ah Joong) who has to complete all sorts of tasks during a live broadcast of a reality show, trying to save her son who was kidnapped. She has to follow the kidnapper’s orders even if the all country is watching.

“Women’s Secret” will first air on 27th of June, on KBS2, 100 episodes, Monday to Friday 07:50 pm. A woman changed her character after her father is killed and her child is taken away from her. She starts a bloody war to protect and revenge her family. The series has the following cast: So Yi Hyun as Kang Ji Yoo, Min Suk as Yoo Kang Yoo, Kim Yoon Seo as Cha Seo Rin, Kim Jung Hun as Min Sun Ho

Photos “Beautiful Mind” directed by Mo Wan Il, “Police unit 38” directed by Han Dong Hwa

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