Update: “Another Miss Oh”Episodes 11&12

The producers of “Another Miss Oh” should be sorry for making us cry so much this week. The multitude of emotions and the twisted situations made me so sensitive.

“Pain, Sick and …” ((아프고 아프고 …) and “I Hope You to Be Unhappy Leaving Me” ((나 떠나 부디 불행하길) had such a sad scenario that I was literally in tears while and after I watched them. I know that love is the greatest of the human feelings even if “It can live you breathless or with a nasty scar” (Taylor Swift – Black Space) but this episodes were too much for me. Very well shown by the actors LOVE and DESPAIR were omnipresent and you could feel them in their eyes and souls, in the air…in you.


I’ve always believed in destiny, and this series seems to highlight the idea that every person has a destiny since birth. Sometimes this fate can be changed… only sometimes. The 12 episode ended giving us the impression that our male character is ready to overcome his destiny.

I love Oh Hae-young’s (Seo Hyun Jin) angry eyes when looks at Park Do Kyung. You can almost feel the pain in her heart. Park Do Kyung’s character (Eric Mun) is perfectly contoured: sensitive and protective. They are two persons linked by a twisted story who try to find their place. This K-drama is one of my favorite and of many of k-drama lovers as the rating show


Photos and video “Another Miss Oh” directed by Song Hyun Wook.


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