The ending of “Entertainer”

I hate when a great drama ends. It is like that little, exquisite world in which you hide weekly disappears living a big empty space in your heart. “Entertainer” has ticked all the characteristics of being one of the best 2016’s dramas – excellent story and actors.

It is a general rule that when Ji Sung plays in a K-drama that drama will be the best. And besides that, all the new actors that take part of the project seems to complete his acting perfectly. In this series, Kang Min Hyuk (he played Jo Ha Neul character) made himself remarked for his sensibility and his cute, beautiful face. The same happened with Gong Myung, who played Kyle (Lee Bang Geul) character. He developed a great character – crazy and sweet at the same time. Let’s not forget his incredible smile!


The main subject is the story of the “Ttanttara band” and its beginning. The producers showed us a small part of Korean Entertainment Industry with good and bad. Bad people trying to manipulate the young talents promising recognition of their talent or trying to take somebody else’s work are everyday habits in the entertainment world.

With touching stories and a tough past all of the members of ““Ttanttara band” became friends and told their stories to the world. Friendship is the central element of this K-drama. All of the best and worst moments of their lives became a part of their story. Congrats to the entire team and keep on the good work for the future projects. For those who didn’t watch the “Entertainer,” my advice is to Enjoy this warm cosy drama, and you will not regret it.

Photos “Entertainer” directed by Hong Sung Chang.


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