“Baek Hee has returned” – an old fashion drama about friendship and deceptions

A life full of disappointments and a scandalous past are the only legacy of Yang Baek Hee (Gang Ye Won). Returned to her hometown, trying to hide from her dark past Baek Hee meets her childhood friends: Woo Bum Ryong (Kim Sung Oh), Cha Jong Myung (Choi Dae Chul) and Hong Doo Sik (In Gyo Jin). I love Kim Sung Oh acting and his green eyes. I was wondering when I will see him being the main character. I’ve seen lots of series with him in supporting roles: “When a Man Falls in Love,” “Inspiring Generation,” “The Night Watchman’s Journal”or “Jackpot.”

Everything was good until her daughter Shin Ok Hee (Jin Ji Hee) appears. And then the story began. All tree guys started to think that the girl is theirs.


The story is simple, and the situations are hilarious. The K-drama is a soft one suitable to be watched in a working day. The actors are good and succeeded to depict a veridic story, but it was something that couldn’t convince me. Sometimes K-dramas are so consistent, and their story is exhausting (they take your soul out of you). I know that “Baek Hee has returned” is a four-episode drama but compare with “Splash, Splash Love” for example, it didn’t show too much.

“Baek Hee has returned” is a soft comedy describing the way in which your life can be changed with only a simple gesture, and you need to find the power to continue living. Enjoy!

Photos “Baek Hee has returned” directed by Cha Young Hoon



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