Kang Min Hyuk – the actor of the month

We say a warm welcome in our lives to Kang Min Hyuk. He entertained us with his new K-drama (his first main character) “Entertainer.” As I’ve said in my previous articles about “Entertainer” Ji Sung always plays in great dramas and all the new actors that take part of the project seems to complete his acting perfectly. In this series, Kang Min Hyuk has been the perfect cute guy that you would like to take home and never give him back to the world.

Born on 28th of June 1991 (I feel so old right now) with an excellent appearance and an extraordinary charisma Kang Min Hyuk succeeded to melt our heart with his role in “Entertainer.” Even if he is at the beginning of his career, he seems perfect for the melodrama series.


Kang Min Hyuk made his debut in the entertainment world as part of an indie band in 2009 in Japan. His band CNBlue, in which he is the drummer, debuted in South Korea in January 2010. As an actor, he made his debut in the movie “Acoustic.” Kang Min Hyuk was cast in the SBS drama “The Heirs” (2013) portraying a high school student.

Happy Birthday Kang Min Hyuk and a warm welcome in our lives!

Photos “Entertainer” directed by  Hong Sung Chang


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