“38 Task Force” – a drama about corruption and power given by money

“38 Task Force” is a K-drama describing the corruption of the financial system. I was very impressed about one remark (from the second episode): “That is the fate of worker ants (regular workers). Workers should keep their shoulders to the wheel and pay tax so that the politicians can sow the seeds and the rich can work on the economy.” This remark made me feel helplessness regarding the reality in which we live.

“38 Task Force” depicts the corruption perfectly at all the levels and the director and writer of this drama have found an ingenious solution to make everybody pay. This scenario would be perfect if it can be applied in the real life. A swindler Yang Jung Do (Seo In Guk) becomes the right hand of a public official Baek Sung-Il (Lee Sun-Bin) and helps him to make the rich pay their debts.


Jung Do gathers four “talented” people: No Bang Sil (Song Ok Suk) a wealthy and influential lady, Jang Hak Joo (Heo Jae Ho) a con artist like him, Jung Ja Wang (Ko Kyu Pil) a computer genius and Jo Mi Joo (Lee Sun Bin) a real beauty and a swindler like him. Together with Sung-Il will try to take money from the rich people and return them to the financial system.

I love Lee Sun-Bin. He looks like a cute panda bear and sometimes his dumb role fits him perfectly. If course that I love Seo In Guk more. His smile is outstanding. He had a similar role in “Hello Monster.”



Photos: “38 Task Force” directed by Kim Jung Min.


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