The ending of “Another Miss Oh”

“After you have a near-death experience you live your life differently. Because you know what is important in life, your happiness is all that matters.”


This unique K-drama will remain in my heart forever. All those strong feelings, pain and joy, words and twisted fate, the sounds and love so perfectly shown by the entire team made me adore this series. Another world opened in front of my eyes, the world in which the perfect people don’t exist and a world in which the sounds complete us.

Big applause for the Eric Mun & Seo Hyun Jin couple for their acting and the chemistry between them. They were just perfect together.


Another set of applause for the Ye Ji Won & Kim Ji Seok crazy couple. Their roles were particular ones and even if the entire K-drama was a melodrama they succeeded to bring millions of smiles on our faces.

For the whole team of “Another Miss Ah” I want to say “THANK YOU for your great work!”


“Please stay alive. I’m grateful you are alive, honey.”

Photos “Another Miss Oh” directed by Song Hyun Wook & Lee Jong Jae


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