“Uncontrollably fond” – an intense melodrama

I think the title of this article says everything. I like everything at this drama: the main actors, the story and remarks. ““Uncontrollably fond” is a K-drama which I wish never to end.

I have to admit that when I’ve first seen the main casts and Kim Woo Bin as the lead actor I‘ve thought “I cannot watch this drama. He was the evil character in “The Heirs”.” But after, I gave it a try, and now I have to congratulate myself for the decision. Kim Woo Bin’s acting is outstanding, you can drown in his gorgeous deep eyes, and his voice is the sexiest voice ever. He is just perfect in this role.


An excellent impression I have about Suzy too. She has a clean acting and an expressive face. They are a lovely couple (I wonder what is Lee Min Ho’s impression about his girlfriend being together with his worst enemy from his last K-drama.) My general impression is that this drama is like “Another Miss Oh” – the same passion, feeling and heartbreak.


The story of this drama sound like this: Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) and No Eul (Bae Suzy) had a “love relation” when they were in high school. They met after years when Joon Young is a celebrity and No Eul, a producer with a hard life. Their story is sad and full of unfortunate events.

The series is aired on KBS2, every Wednesday and Thursday at 09:55 pm and, the good news is that it has twenty episodes.

Photos “Uncontrollably fond” directed by  Park Hyun Suk & Cha Young Hoon


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