“W – Two worlds” – a unique love story between reality and fiction

How would it be if your dream guy becomes real and better than that he loves you and wants to be with you? It will be unreal, isn’t it? That is the story of W: a handsome cartoon character becomes real for a woman who lives in the real world.

The story and the scenario of this drama are so realistic and well written that in my opinion the director and the scenarist of this drama deserve an Oscar. If it usual there are two realities or travel time, in this K-drama exist two different worlds – a real one and a cartoon one. The transition between the two worlds is so well done than if you are a creative and dreamy person you could believe it. I love the story, the main characters and the leading actors Han Hyo Joo (Oh Yeon Joo) and Lee Jong Suk (Kang Cheol).


Lee Jong Suk looks like a cartoon character with his handsome face and his small nose. 

This series is a melodrama which depicts the struggle of a cartoon character who finds out that he is only a creation of an animation writer, his life is a fabrication, and he is unreal. For Kang Cheol has been real devastating to find out that he doesn’t have the control of his own life, and there is a person who plays God with him.

I love to see Lee Tae Hwan (Seo Do Yoon) playing again in a K-drama. I liked his acting in “Please Come Back, Mister.”
I wish that the end of this unique drama be a nice one, not a heartbreaking one. If you like fantasy dramas, this is the PERFECT series for you. Enjoy!

Photos “W – Two worlds” directed by Jung Dae Yoon, Creative directors Kim Seul Ah, Kang Hee Ju, Jung Yoo Jin, Jung Jin Chul


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