“Moon Lovers” vs. “Moonlight drawn by clouds”: Part 1

“Moon Lovers” and “Moonlight drawn by clouds” started to air at the same time making me struggle on which to watch first each week.


The first two episodes of “Moon Lovers” were well received by the audience but after the third episode, lots of unfavourable comments started to appear on the fans’ forums. The reason for these comments was IU’s acting. Her big staring eyes raised lots of complaints. Besides that, Baekhyun’s presence in the series was another discontent of the fans. After I’ve seen five episodes, I can ignore the IU’s bad acting and Baekhyun presence in this historical drama. The outstanding outfits (especially the one of Taejo’s third Queen during the ghosts expelling ritual), the scenery and not to mention Lee Joon Gi’s great acting are the strongest parts of this series.


“Moonlight drawn by clouds” wasn’t expected as much as “Moon Lovers”, but succeeded to have great ratings, especially the sixth episode “When I Want to Tell Untold Secrets.” Park Bo Gum (as Lee Yeong) and Kim Yoo Jung (as Hong Ra-On) did a great job until now. You can feel the strong chemistry between them and they make a really cute couple together. There are only two main characters and you don’t get confused trying to figure the link between characters.

Photos “Moon Lovers” directed by Kim Kyu Tae, “Moonlight drawn by clouds” directed by Kim Sung Yoon & Baek Sang Hoon


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