The actor of the month – Lee Jong Suk

Born on 14th of September 1989, Lee Jong Suk is well known in the entertainment industry as the youngest model for the Seoul Fashion Week. He was fifteen years old when first appeared in a modelling show. For Korean drama lovers, he is known as the special young guy who appeared in “School 2013.” His character was a student full of remorse but with a strong sense of justice. For his acting, he has been reward with “Best New Actor” at KBS Drama Awards 2012.


He receives an outstanding recognition in 2013, after the K-drama “I Can Hear Your Voice” in which he played Park Soo Ha, an intelligent guy who could read other’s mind. In 2014 he played in “Doctor Stranger” and started a new project named “Pinocchio.” In “Pinocchio” series he had as opposite actress Park Shin Hye. The K-drama depicted the journalism world seen through young journalists eyes. The world discovered a new disease named Pinocchio and the people who had the disease couldn’t lie because they immediately would start to hiccup.


For his extraordinary acting in “Pinocchio”, Jong Suk received “Top 10 Stars” award at SBS Drama Awards, “Most Popular Actor” at 51st Baeksang Arts Awards and “Top Excellence Award, Actor” at 8th Korea Drama Awards.

His last drama “W – Two World” is a fantasy drama about a cartoon world which is about to became real. Jong Suk plays the main cartoon character who realise that he lives in a “different” world and fall in love with his creator’s daughter. I am grateful to Jank Suk for creating such a complex characters and for giving us the opportunity to live in those unique worlds even if it was only for two hours a week.

Happy Birthday Lee Jong Suk and all the best!

Photos “W- Two Worlds” directed by Jung Dae Yoon & “Pinocchio” directed by Jo Soo Won & Shin Seung Woo

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