The ending of “W – Two worlds”

“Though it may be boring and ordinary, I hope their story will continue for fifty years just like other ordinary couples.” These are the last words of “W – Two worlds.” I am convinced that the characters’ love story wouldn’t be boring and ordinary, but extraordinary and unique as their life story.

The entire story of this series has been extraordinary and unique. I have been curious to see which way the directors will make the transition between the real world and the cartoon one. They succeeded to do it smoothly, and there weren’t scenes which would make you wonder “what happened?.” Even so, the directors produced another episode in which every scene has been explained.


I love fiction books, stories and movies, and this one has become the best K-drama which I’ve ever seen. I have to thank the writer for having been surreally creative and for having given us the chance to watch this K-drama.

As for the actors, I’ve been impressed with Lee Jong Suk’s acting. You can see that he became more profound and mature. Even his voice changed, and its inflexions are more sophisticated, stressing certain words and making the sentence more intense. From my point of view Han Hyo Joo has been eclipsed by Jong Suk. There were some scenes in which I felt that she couldn’t reach the right level to fully express the character’s feelings.


The series had attained high ratings and was one of the most expected dramas of 2016, and it was one of the most watched K-drama internationally. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

Photos “W – Two Worlds” directed by Jung Dae Yoon & Creative directors Kim Seul Ah, Kang Hee Ju, Jung Yoo Jin and Jung Jin Chul




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