Happy Birthday, Jun Ji Hyun!

Also known as Gianna Jun, Jun Ji Hyun played in “My Sassy Girl” (2001), “Wind struck” (2004), “The Thieves” (2012), “My Love from the Star” (2013-2014) and many others. At the end of 2006, Jun Ji Hyun’s agency announced that the actress is about to make her Hollywood debut as the lead actress in “Blood: The Last Vampire.” The movie was filmed in China and Argentina in 2007, and she went through three months of hard training to play the martial arts heroine.

In “My Love from the Star” Ji Hyun played a Hallyu star who falls in love with an alien – Kim Soo Hyun. The fantasy romance has been well received by fans and the production company extended the original 20-episode series with one more episode, due to viewers’ demand.


In 2012 the actress got married to Choi Joon Hyuk (a banker) and gave birth to their first child at the beginning of 2016.

Next month, on 16th it will be the premiere of the fantasy K-drama “Legend of the Blue Sea” in which she plays together with Lee Min Ho. She is a mermaid from Joseon era who comes in Seoul of the modern days trying to live a normal life.

Happy Birthday, Ji Hyun!

Photos “Legend of the Blue Sea” directed by Jin Hyuk, “My Love from the Star” directed by  Jang Tae Yoo


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